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When we close the gap between our lives of faith and our daily work, we begin to see work as a gift from God to be used as a vehicle for blessing. And through our work we are each given various levels of wealth, influence, and standing. Sagamore Institute Senior Fellow Amy Sherman has said, for the “city to rejoice” the righteous “must be stewarding their power, wealth, skills and influence for the common good to bring about noticeable, significant transformation in the city… the (righteous) bring nothing less than foretastes of the Kingdom of God into reality.” At this year’s CFWLA annual conference, Stewarding Vocational Influence, God’s people will gather to explore a renewed vision and practical insights to leverage their own vocational power for God’s good purposes in their lives and the good of their neighbors in Los Angeles. Speakers will develop this theme and explore pathways, the economics and real world examples of fostering vocational stewardship for a flourishing city.

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Here is a small sampling of the positive feedback we received on the event:

"Everyone I talked to LOVED it...." "Thoughtfully put together with good flow..." "Excellent speakers with experience..."  "So much wisdom and practical examples..." "Good mix of industry professionals and academics..." “This was a wonderful conference. Such a deep interaction of theology and practice…” “Fantastic, credible, well informed…” “Great venue, food tasty, really appreciated the good coffee!” 

This year's conference provided greater content and an engaging format of discussion and Q&A. Rankin Wilbourne led the day reminding us of the need to integrate our faith and work. Dr.s Art Lindsley and Paul Stevens both provided excellent plenary talks on the theology of work and God's use of our work to shape us. Henry Kaestner and Russell Bjorkman spoke to the impact of Christian led businesses in the tech industry and amazing opportunities God has opened up for influence and flourishing. Local business owners, entrepreneurs and journalists led a panel discussion on God's good work through their vocations. Dr. Francis Su wrapped up the day with a wonderful session about his journey and influence for the Lord through the field of academic mathematics.

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Here is a small sampling of the positive feedback we received on the event:

"Great hearing appreciation and confirmation of work's value..." "I loved the idea that we can see God's glory through our work..." "Good mix of speakers, interaction, and theology of Sabbath rest..."  "David Kim's teaching, openness, inclusiveness on all vocational areas was excellent..." "Q&A times with David Kim were the most helpful..." “Speakers were wonderful, engaging and easy to follow…” “Format was great – I liked the group breakout sessions & panel discussion…” “Beautiful venue!” 

The broad consensus was that the event was a big winner! Steve Lindsey related his personal story exploring the need to integrate his faith and work followed by an overview of the theology of work. David Kim provided two excellent sessions on the need to see the purpose of the church in a “scattered” vs “gathered” model and explained the “exilic” nature to the context of our lives with Christ. There were engaging panel interviews from our community and group discussion times. The Framework Fellows Program was introduced with a testimony from Gotham Fellows Program alum Angel Lee. Margaret Lindsey provided an overview of CFWLA and its upcoming offerings.

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