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Center for Faith + Work Los Angeles Annual Conference

Reframing Vocation, Reshaping Culture

April 1, 2017 | 10am - 3pm
Location: JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Marigot | 1740 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

Center for Faith and Work Los Angeles


Here is a small sampling of the positive feedback we received on the event:

"Great hearing appreciation and confirmation of work's value..." "I loved the idea that we can see God's glory through our work..." "Good mix of speakers, interaction, and theology of Sabbath rest..."  "David Kim's teaching, openness, inclusiveness on all vocational areas was excellent..." "Q&A times with David Kim were the most helpful..." “Speakers were wonderful, engaging and easy to follow…” “Format was great – I liked the group breakout sessions & panel discussion…” “Beautiful venue!” 

The broad consensus was that the event was a big winner! Steve Lindsey related his personal story exploring the need to integrate his faith and work followed by an overview of the theology of work. David Kim provided two excellent sessions on the need to see the purpose of the church in a “scattered” vs “gathered” model and explained the “exilic” nature to the context of our lives with Christ. There were engaging panel interviews from our community and group discussion times. The Framework Fellows Program was introduced with a testimony from Gotham Fellows Program alum Angel Lee. Margaret Lindsey provided an overview of CFWLA and its upcoming offerings.

Check out the photo gallery for the conference at the link here.