What is the framework fellows program?

The Framework Fellows Program exists to equip the church in applying the gospel's transforming influence to the cities and sectors we inhabit for God's glory and the common good of the greater Los Angeles area. This will be accomplished through three primary aspects of the rigorous nine-month program.

Applications for the Framework 2019-20 are still being accepted on a rolling basis. Contact CFWLA Executive Director Steve Lindsey if you have questions about applying.

Rankin Wilbourne, Senior Pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church

Rankin Wilbourne, Senior Pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church

"The Framework Fellows Program embodies the idea that the gospel is not only relevant to all of life and culture but that it can transform and equip us for God's mission in Los Angeles. I've seen the participants in this program develop a deep understanding of this and become better prepared to engage the best of their gifts and skills to serve God and their neighbors not just in the church but out in their daily work lives. This is a wonderful expression of what we at Pacific Crossroads desire to accomplish."



Steve Lindsey is the Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Work Los Angeles. As an engineer at Boeing for nearly 40 years, he often worked towards seeing how his work served God’s greater purpose for the world. He and his wife Margaret established the CFWLA in 2017 to help people reframe vocation and understand how all work, no matter the industry, has meaning and purpose.


Margaret Lindsey provides operational guidance and designs the spiritual formation curriculum for the Center for Faith + Work Los Angeles. Margaret is also founding president, board member, and studio artist at Destination: Art, a non-profit studios and gallery in Downtown Torrance.

Guest instructors

Jeff Boian ,  Associate Director for Career Strategy, CGU

Jeff Boian, Associate Director for Career Strategy, CGU

Joel Pelsue ,  President/CEO, Arts/Entertainment Ministries

Joel Pelsue, President/CEO, Arts/Entertainment Ministries

Glenn Sunshine ,  Professor at Central Conn. St. University

Glenn Sunshine, Professor at Central Conn. St. University

Amy Drennan ,  ED of Vocation and Formation Integration at Fuller Theological Seminary

Amy Drennan, ED of Vocation and Formation Integration at Fuller Theological Seminary

Rankin Wilbourne ,  Lead Pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church

Rankin Wilbourne, Lead Pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church

Caleb Monroe ,  IKON & Lead Copywriter at Reality LA Church

Caleb Monroe, IKON & Lead Copywriter at Reality LA Church




Metabolize a robust gospel-centered theological and spiritual formation
within a committed community.



Imagine God's redemptive purposes for all spheres of creation. 



Mobilize for vibrant social, cultural and spiritual renewal of Los Angeles. 



Framework provides in-depth study of the biblical narrative and historic Christian doctrines. Readings will be from many of the most significant and historic source materials on relevant topics. The method of learning will emphasize individual spiritual formation. Rhythms of key practices facilitate personal transformation as the starting point in becoming an agent for gospel transformation in our public life. Safe and authentic community will provide a critical element for growth with extensive community prayer, various disciplines, and exploration of our dependence on body life in the church.


Framework will explore the worldview of the Christian life from its roots in the cultural mandate of Genesis 1-2. The basis and dignity of work, the direction and ordering of creation, and the beauty and wonder of God’s design for the world will be investigated and applied to an integrated framework for culture and the social institutions of human existence. The effects of the Fall will be considered from various levels including our intrinsic alienation from God and each other. Faith requires reimagining God’s redemptive purposes in every social structure which constitute our vocational spheres. Fellows will obtain the ability and appropriate language to interact with concepts of theology and the Christian life, deeper implications of the redeeming work of Christ, and applications of the faith to a thoroughly public theology.


Framework engages fellows with healing and restoration principles needed for all spheres of social life. Many examples from history of significant lives lived in passionate service and influence for God’s glory and the common good will be reviewed. Our limitations and liabilities as ambassadors of Christ in a still dark and often hostile world will also be considered. Principles of wisdom and learning to both care for and cultivate the good, as well as challenge and replace the idols of our current culture will be addressed. Fellows will propose their own cultural renewal capstone project as part of this program related to their particular vocational sphere.



“The Framework Fellows Program completely changed the way I value my work and day to day purpose - I am so thankful for the discipleship and growth. I highly recommend diving in and reaping the blessings that flow from it!”

"The program has shaped me and helped me grow in my walk with God and how I view and approach work. It is a special and life impacting program! I am excited!"

"The breadth of the program was particularly meaningful, applying a theological perspective to education, family, business, government, etc. Praying for each other on a weekly basis was also very meaningful."


The Framework Fellowship is a nine-month program (similar to an Executive Leadership Development program).


  • Adults who are employed full-time in the Los Angeles area;

  • Have at least two years of working experience;

  • Our typical class comprises 50% men and 50% women;

  • Participants are working in fields including law, finance, education, science and technology, government, non-profit, design, medicine, and the arts;

  • Applications will be accepted in the spring for cohorts beginning the following September;

  • Fellows will be selected by an admissions committee from applicants who best demonstrate 1) commitment to the City, 2) spiritual maturity, and 3) ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the Program.


  • Begins: Labor Day Weekend;

  • Concludes: Memorial Day Weekend.


  • Two-hour weekly meetings to discuss extensive weekly readings from major texts of various eras of church history;

  • Daily devotionals that unite the group through guided scriptural and devotional readings;

  • Monthly Saturday gatherings that provide in-depth training and city excursions;

  • Three retreats (typically Labor Day, mid-winter, and Memorial Day weekends) focused on personal reflection and spiritual formation.


  • $2,000 for Pacific Crossroads members including those in process of becoming Pacific Crossroads members during the application period;

  • $2,250 for non-PCC members but must be members of another church in good standing with one of the application references provided being from a pastor of their current church;

  • Need-based financial aid is available for partial tuition scholarships and financial aid applications will be sent out after final acceptance letters are sent.


  • We seek donors who can enable us to provide financial aid, as needed. You can give to support Framework on our Donation webpage.

If you have questions or would like more details, please send an email to: cfwla@faithandworkLA.com