Framework fellows Program FAQs

Q: Why is this program so expensive?

A: The program is designed to be highly impacting to your future professional life. It will include many elements requiring special costs and done at a level making the program on par with top-tier university or professional organization leadership development certificate programs. The program is actually heavily subsidized by CFWLA to cover more than half of the actual costs to run the program.

Q: What does the tuition pay for exactly?

A: Tuition pays for many meals provided throughout the course, three retreats, special speakers/teachers, printed materials, books, professional strengths and personality assessments, and almost all other related costs. Program leadership receive no payment for their work from tuition revenues.

Q: How much time is required to complete the assignments outside of the class times themselves?

A: Typically devotions, readings and assignments will average about 2-8 hours per week (it varies significantly from person-to-person and week-to-week depending on curriculum readings assigned).

Q: What if I cannot make a meeting or retreat?

A: To complete the program, participants must keep up with assignments, attend all three retreats, can miss a maximum of one Saturday session, and miss a maximum of three weekly two hour sessions over the course of the program due to illness, family emergency, work crisis etc. Make-up sessions can sometimes be scheduled with your cohort leader based on their availability.

Q: What if I must drop out? What happens to my tuition?

A: Anyone that begins the program and must drop out for any reason, will not receive a refund for payments up to that point but may be eligible for a guaranteed acceptance into a future Framework cohort.

Q: How are scholarships provided and how much will they possibly cover tuition?

A: A budget is set up at CFWLA to assist all in need of partial scholarships. We use donations for this purpose, and assess who needs the scholarships, prioritize them, and disburse financial aid to help ensure no one that is accepted to the program cannot afford the program. However, we do require all scholarship recipients to pay tuition to ensure commitment to the program and no scholarships are awarded above 50% of the cost of tuition. Applicants sometimes receive help from family or other sources to help with tuition as well.