Q&A: Why Should You Become a CFWLA City Partner?

Want to be an insider for all things faith and work related in Los Angeles?


As part of the Center for Faith & Work Los Angeles' dedication to transforming our relationship to work, fostering human flourishing, and renewing Los Angeles, we're inviting co-laborers to join us as an official City Partner. 

Through this newly-launched CFWLA endeavor we hope to provide partners with VIP inside access, program discounts, exclusive faith and work training, and much more.

Andrea Graham, a Finance Advisor at Applied Financial Planning, has joined as one of CFWLA’s initial City Partners and offered her insights into why she’s encouraged and excited by this new offering.

Question: Why did you choose to support CFWLA as a City Partner?

Andrea Graham: In both my professional and personal life, I've observed people feeling incomplete or unsatisfied with their careers. They feel like their work does not nourish their souls. CFWLA is helping people see God's glory in every task they do and find spiritual fulfillment in a secular environment. This has the potential to make a dramatic impact on all aspects of an individual's life and is a noble cause I'm honored to support.

Q: What benefits do you see to being a City Partner?

AG: I have personally grown from every CFWLA event I've attended. I look forward to learning more and to being a resource to others who feel like something is missing in their lives.

Q: Why would you encourage others to consider being a City Partner?

A: It's a great organization addressing very real issues that are rarely discussed in any setting. Can you imagine a future where people spring out of bed each morning because they are excited to get to work and they don't feel the need to compartmentalize their spirituality?


Gage Arnold is the Communications Director for the Center for Faith & Work Los Angeles. He is currently an M.Div student at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO., and holds a B.S. in Journalism & Electronic Media from the University of Tennessee.