Faith and Work in Advent: A Four-Week Devotional

You can download a PDF of the series  HERE .

You can download a PDF of the series HERE.

The four weeks prior to Christmas represent a time of reorientation for Christians through the season of advent. Christians worldwide prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus by reflecting on the pleading of the Jewish people for a Messiah. As well, we’re reminded of our own need for a Savior today, and we expectantly plead for his second coming, just as we prepare to celebrate his first coming. The reversal of the curse of sin began with Jesus’ meek and mild first entrance into the world, but it will one day be fully realized in the triumphal second advent.

We at CFWLA are celebrating this season of advent expectation with a four-part series of devotionals that seek to honestly acknowledge the depth of our brokenness and the far-reaching hope of the gospel, specifically in the work we engage with every day. You can read the devotional series below in its entirety.


Will Sorrell (MDiv and MBA Candidate, Beeson Divinity School and Brock School of Business at Samford University) is a graduate student researcher for the Beeson Divinity Global Center, focusing on faith and work, business as mission, and entrepreneurship and investing. He lives in Birmingham, AL. with his bride and Labrador retriever. You can follow him on Twitter.